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All over the Metro Area, people want to know why Golden and the Lookout Mountain community
opposed the consolidation of four broadcast towers into one Supertower.

This web site is designed to educate and provide information and facts to help answer that question.
References to sworn testimony before the Jefferson County Commissioners in the 1999 & 2003
Lake Cedar Group (LCG) hearings are included throughout the site.
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hearing records, click here...
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Arrow Forward How did the Lake Cedar Group Tower come to be "Approved"?
To read about Senate Bill 4092, co-sponsored by Colorado Senators
Ken Salazar and Wayne Allard, click here...
Forward Arrow Lake Cedar Group spent $140,000 in 2006 to lobby the Senate
and House as well as the FCC for the specific legislation that was
co-sponsored by Senators Salazar and Allard!?!
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trail, click here...

You would have still been able to receive free over-the-air HDTV
if the Lake Cedar Group Supertower was not built on Lookout
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The proposed Lake Cedar Group Supertower will increase Radio
Frequency Radiation levels in nearby neighborhoods!
read about Jefferson County's Independent RF expert, LCG's
Engineer, and CARE's Engineer's RF Calculations, click here...
State and Jefferson County health officials recommended
minimizing RF exposure levels on Lookout Mountain!
To understand
why they, and other scientists around the world recommend using
the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) when dealing
with RF exposure levels, click here... is brought to
you by an independent group of concerned JeffCo Residents.

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Boulder County beat Jefferson County in attracting High-Tech
To find out why businesses are choosing not to relocate
to Jefferson County, click here...
Lookout Mountain was platted and established as a residential
community long before the antennae towers were built.
For a
historical perspective of the community and towers, click here...