Did you Know...  
The proposed Lake Cedar Group Supertower will increase Radio Frequency Radiation levels in nearby neighborhoods!
Calculations made by Jefferson County’s independent RF expert, Lake Cedar Group, and CARE
engineers all showed that RF levels will increase in nearby neighborhoods if the Lake Cedar Group
Tower is built. (Hearing record 12112, 2622,1700,1879-1908). According to the testimony of Jefferson
County’s RF expert, “All these places that were south, to the north and to the east increased
(Hearing record at 12112)

To the right are figures
from Lake Cedar Group’s
own RF report, comparing
RF levels calculated under
the current conditions, and
calculated levels if the
Lake Cedar Group tower
were to be built.

Circled in white are points
if the Lake
Cedar Group tower were
to be built.

Note that even areas to
the west of the tower
would experience RF

While the Lake Cedar
Group RF report does have
some errors, it does
confirm that the proposed
tower would result in RF
increases in
neighborhoods to the
south of the tower, as was
found by both CARE
engineers and Jefferson
County’s independent RF

The Lake Cedar Group RF
report did not address
levels to the
east in
Golden, however
calculations by Jefferson
County’s RF expert
(Hearing record at 12108)
showed that the proposed
Lake Cedar Group tower
would cause RF levels to
increase at the Colorado
School of Mines in Golden.

Calculation Errors
Very near the towers, the
comparison in the Lake
Cedar Group RF report
shows a significant
reduction in RF levels. The
red and pink high RF areas
are gone in Figure 7. A
point near the FOX tower
has an RF level of 100.3%
Maximum Permissible
Exposure (MPE) before,
and only 67.6% MPE with
approval of the LCG
proposal. This would be a
32.7% decrease in MPE.

Figures from LCG's own RF Report comparing RF Levels calculated under the current conditions and if the SuperTower were to be built

The areas South and Southwest of the
proposed tower site are highly populated areas!

But, There is a Problem...
The existing members of Lake Cedar Group do not currently contribute more than 5% MPE on Lookout
Mountain. It is for this reason that Lake Cedar Group member stations have not been required by the FCC
to take corrective action to cure RF overages on Lookout Mountain. Lake Cedar Group spokesman Marv
Rockford even cites the awareness of Jefferson County’s RF expert regarding this fact in his closing
statement (hearing record at 12073).

The fact that the three Lake Cedar Group members currently on Lookout Mountain contribute less than
5% MPE each means that if all three member stations of Lake Cedar Group were to turn off their existing
transmitters completely, the maximum RF reduction would be 15% MPE, assuming each Lake Cedar Group
member station contributed 5% at the same location. It is physically and mathematically impossible for the
Lake Cedar Group proposal to produce a 32.7% decrease in MPE on Lookout Mountain.

Lake Cedar Group’s RF report states,“A comparison only of Figures 6 and 7 indicate changes due solely
by the LCG proposal.”
(Hearing record at 1700)

If the members of Lake Cedar Group can’t produce a 32.7% decrease in MPE levels by turning
their existing transmitters off completely, how can they produce this reduction by adding 5
more high power transmitters to Lookout Mountain? The answer is, of course, that they can’t.

Clearly something is wrong with the calculations!

The complete calculations and parameters used to perform the calculations of this Lake Cedar Group RF
report have never been revealed, and we do not know the source of this error. All we know is that the
claimed RF radiation reductions near the towers are exaggerated in this report. To read detailed
information about RF Calculations, click here...

Why doesn't Lake Cedar Group’s directional antennas lower RF levels for most people?

Several factors combine that would cause RF increases in most neighborhoods surrounding the proposed tower.

  1. The “directional” antenna patterns proposed by Lake Cedar Group are not really so directional.
  2. The antenna heights on the proposed tower are low with respect to surrounding residences.
  3. The Effective Radiated Power of the proposed Lake Cedar Group tower would be more than 13 times higher than that of the existing Lake Cedar Group stations on Lookout Mountain.

To examine more about these three factors in detail, click here...